Santa Rosa City Info Guide, Top Things to do in Santa Rosa, California

The total area of the city reaches 107.5 square kilometers, 106.9 square kilometers of which is land and 0.5 square kilometers is water.

Being the part of the North Bay region, the city lies along the US Route 101 corridor which is around 89 kilometers north of San Francisco, via the Golden Gate Bridge.

The eastern part of the city stretches into the Valley of the Moon, and the Sonoma Valley. The western part of Santa Rosa lies in the Laguna of Santa Rosa. The town is surrounded by the 35-kilometer long Santa Rosa Creek, which rises on Hood Mountain located at the southeastern corner of Santa Rosa.

The Tubbs Fire, which is considered as the most destructive and the third deadliest firestorms in California, has destroyed 5% of the city houses and took at least 19 lives. The firestorm took place on October 2017 and was named after its place of origin near Tubbs Lane and Highway 128.

Santa Rosa is divided into four sections: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest. The division is done by the U.S. Route 101 direction which runs from the north to the south direction. State Route 12, in turn, divides the city into north and south sides as it runs from the east to the west.

The city was ranked 185th out of 200 cities on the list of Best Places for Business and Careers. However, it was the 2nd in the last five years before that. Santa Rosa city has experienced the economic recession due to the increase in doing business and reduces job growth that appeared from the increased cost of housing.

There are several museums in the city that are dedicated to its history and culture: Charles M. Schulz Museum, Luther Burbank Home and Gardens, and Sonoma County Museum.